Dive and Snorkel sites in the South of St. Lucia
Anse Cochon (North & South Beach )

Anse Cochon means Bay of Pigs in the island’s creole dialect. Located within the marine reserve area, North & South Beach are two out of three sites that are ideal environments for trainee open water diving. On the northern reef dive coral and encrusted boulders start from approximately 5 ft. of water and gradually descend to 40ft. where it merges with the Virgin Cove reef, where as the South Reef remains shallow to a maximum depth of 30 ft. Though coral is more prolific on the northern side,  both areas are rich in reef fish - spotted drums, goat fish, parrot fish, yellow snappers, grunts, damsel fish, chromis and wrasse, Turtles, Trumpet fish, Moray Eels, Octopus, Squid which also makes it  fantastic snorkeling site. 

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