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Saint Lucia is a diving paradise. The island is at the tip of an underwater volcano where both beginner and experienced divers alike will enjoy the stunning variety of coral, sponge and marine life. Exciting Caribbean diving trips will reveal turtles, nurse sharks, seahorses, angel fish, and golden spotted eels, to name but a few, among the dazzling cross section of Caribbean marine life

Dive and Snorkel sites in the North of St. Lucia
Berger Rock -

Is a small island about a quarter of a mile outside Rodney Bay Marina.. This site is marked by a navigational aid that flashes a white light, making it easy to find for night dives.

Bird Sh*t Rock!

A popular stop for sea gull's it got it’s name because it usually covered with droppings  Underwater you will see sloping walls and huge boulders covered with coral. The maximum depth is around 60ft. Huge barracudas are among the many tropical fish species.

Pigeon Island (North & South)

This dive is located at the base of Pigeon Island. The dive starts in about 15ft over sand and coral and progresses over reef and huge boulders to its maximum depth of 60ft. The Southern side can be entered from the beach in the Park.

Saline Point, North & South - Le Sport

This is our most northern dive site, where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. An excellent site for snorkeling as well, starting shallow at 20 feet with a max depth of 60ft. Scorpion and Puffer Fish, schools of Grunts, Rays and different variety of eels can be seen here.

Dive and Snorkel sites in the South of St. Lucia
Anse Cochon (North & South Beach )

Anse Cochon means Bay of Pigs in the island’s creole dialect. Located within the marine reserve area, North & South Beach are two out of three sites that are ideal environments for trainee open water diving.

Daini Koyomaru Wreck

In 1996 a Japanese dredger was sunk in close proximity to an existing reef patch to create this artificial reef.

Lesleen M Wreck

A 165 foot freighter sunk in October 1986 covered with hard and soft corals, sponges and hydroids, provides an ideal habitat for many juvenile fishes such as queen and French angel fish.

Virgins Cove

This richly diverse semicircular coral reef/wall is a structure featuring both hard and soft corals, named after a shipwreck which killed a party of Nuns and is today commemorated by a Cross which has been erected on the point above the dive site. This reef starts off in 15 ft.

Anse Chastanet

A plateau between 5-25 feet that drops away to 140 feet this is a particularly nice site for snorkeling and for first time divers. Covered in gorgonians, soft corals and sponges this shallow reef starts in around 15ft/5M and progressing to around 60ft/18M.

Superman's Flight

Situated at the base of the Petit Piton this site got its name after being the site for a scene from the movie Superman II. This sloping wall dive has a depth of around 1500ft.  You will discover massive fluorescent Sponges, large Gorgonians and many species of colorful tropical fish.


This area is on a major headland and is sometimes subject to strong currents which keep the many varieties of corals sparkles with vibrant colors. This dive site offers great drift diving along one of the most colorful walls in the Caribbean with depth ranges from 40ft-.

Keyhole Pinnacles

A visually stunning dive site with four spectacular volcanic peaks rising up from depth to within a few feet of the surface. The peaks are encrusted with Black and Orange Gorgonians and provide a shelter for to Trumpet and Filefishes as well as larger species such as Grouper, Jack and Snapper.

Le Trou Diable

St. Lucian creole for "Devil's hole", Trou Diable is a very easy going dive with flat coral reef at around 40ft.  It’s a fascinating location with large barrel sponges and well developed coral heads with schools of chromis and grunts in profusion.

Piton Wall

Also at the base of Petit Piton this dramatic wall drops from the surface down many hundreds of feet. It’s a very colorful dive offering a great opportunity to see many varieties of crustaceans.

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